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Tips for Preventing Teen Depression in Your Elementary Age Child

As your child increases in age, continue to encourage the same habits described for toddlers and preschoolers (encouraging healthy nutrition, eating together as a family, promoting adequate sleep, limiting screen time, and practicing authoritative parenting) and add the following to that list:

Encourage exercise and outdoor activities. Many studies show that spending siginificant time outside in the presence of nature can reduce anxiety and depression and deacrease stress(Benfits of Play &Benefits of Nature)

Build and maintain family connectedness. In addition to making family meals a priority and spending time outdoors together, make time time to play, laugh, learn and be active together. Attend religious services together, have a family game night once a week, and encourage open communication between you and your children, especially during family meals and outings. (Connected Parenting)

Assign chores to your child. Children do best when they are connected to their parents, and chores help children develop this connectivity. They can be used as a teaching tool as well as a method of maintaining family cohesiveness.