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Teaching Self-control to Elementary Age Children


1. Assign chores. Assigning chores to your children not only encourages responsibility but also helps children develop self-control, especially if they have to utilize time management skills to determine when during the day they will complete their tasks.


2. Teach saving. Helping your children save money or in other ways show delayed gratification is also a way of teaching self-control.  Allowing your children to help plan activities that will happen in the future is another way of helping them see the benefits of delayed gratification.  “We are putting all of our extra change into this money jar and it will help us pay for a camp site when we go on vacation.”


3. Practice waiting. Provide your child with the opportunity to practice waiting, to practice self-control.  “Please sit at the table until I return.”  “Please stay in your bedroom for 15 minutes while we parents talk.” 


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