Parenting Resources

Teaching Respect to Elementary-Age Children

  • Teaching respect also means teaching responsibility. So, ask your child to take his shoes off at the door; put his clothes away; make his bed; set or clean the table
  • Express to your child the importance of not interrupting when someone else is speaking
    • Role play how to avoid interrupting by asking your child to hold up her hand before speaking when someone else is talking
    • Be a role model – and don’t interrupt your child when she is speaking (unless absolute necessary)
  • Encourage your child to say “Please, excuse me, and thank you” early and often 
  • Help your children show respect in public by waiting their turn, thanking people for compliments or gifts, and waiting for others to go in a door first
  • Help your child show respect for adults and other authority figures 
    • Suggest your child holds the door for senior citizens
    • Offer to let someone older go ahead of them in a long line
    • Pick up dropped objects
    • Talk about importance of obeying law enforcement – and follow the rules yourself. Use seat belts, obey the speed limit
  • Ask your child to allow someone else to choose a toy or treat first