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Teaching Adolescents Self-Control


1. Teach time management.  By the time your child is a teenager, she should be able to manage her time fairly effectively.  If he is unable to do so, begin now by sitting alongside him and having him discuss all his weekly responsibilities.  Then ask him to divide up those tasks so he can accomplish them in the time available.


2. Allow your teen to problem solve.  “What is a good way to handle this situation?”  “What activity do you think would be good for our family night?”


3. Discuss the benefits of self-control and the three components – STOP, THINK and then ACT.  When you see others demonstrating self-control, point it out.  When your teen demonstrates these behaviors – commend him!


4. Continue to be a good role model – and let your teenager see the inner workings of your mind.  “Did you see me walk away from your soccer game for a little while?  I was very upset at the ref’s call and felt out of control, so I walked away to allow me to calm down before I said something I would regret.”


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