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Smart Phones and Children

An online survey of 6000 children and parents found 54% of children said their parents checked their smart phones too often, and 32% felt they were unimportant when parents were distracted.

Parents agreed – 52% said they probably checked their smart phones too frequently and 28% felt they did not set a good example for their children and did not want their children to use their smart phones less.

A study from Boston Medical Center evaluated parent-child interactions at fast food restaurants. 55 caregivers were observed, and children were between infancy and ten years of age. 40 of the caregivers used a cell phone during the meal and 16 used it throughout the entire meal.

Radesky, et al. Mobile and Interactive Media Use by Young Children: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown Pediatrics 2015; 135:1 1-3