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People Smart & Self Smart

Your child thinks by making connections with people

‘People smart’ children enjoy being with people, learn by making connections with them, need people to listen to them, and are adept at discerning other’s body and nonverbal language. These children pay attention to others’ moods and facial expressions; they are sensitive and intuitively respond appropriately to others’ emotions. People smart children enjoy Charades, and process emotions by talking with others.

People smart children may get in trouble by talking with others at inappropriate times, so often need help learning self-control.

Your child thinks with reflection

‘Self-smart’ children think by reflecting deeply and carefully weighing all options. This means they often need quiet space, peace and privacy in order to learn. They desire to understand a concept in depth which takes time, and after they come to their decisions they are able to clearly articulate their beliefs. They enjoy playing quiet games by themselves, such as building with Legos, and they process emotions by spending time alone, thinking quietly.

Self-smart children may get into trouble because of their reluctance to share their ideas in class and their lack of participation in discussions. Group project at school will be especially difficult for them.