The abstinence education program implemented in a rural South Carolina county by South Carolina Parents Involved in Education has demonstrated the efficacy of authentic abstinence education. A study of this program by our NPC Associate Dr. Patsy Myers shows positive behavioral outcomes of this study demonstrating that a year after the program, program participants initiated sex at a rate of at least thirty percent lower than comparable non-program students.

The NPC is pleased to publish the results of this study for review and promotion through our national and international networks.
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The National Physicians Center currently provides educational resources to 10 African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa and the Ivory Coast. Groups using these resources include; youth-serving organizations; schools; health education centers; churches; libraries and medical centers. In addition, NPC physicians provide ongoing advice and referrals to these groups on issues related to family health and child welfare.

Strategic Partners:

Real Life International

Under the leadership of Pastor Jeremiah Ifekoya, Real Life International, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is leading the way in promoting healthy lifestyles among Nigerian adolescents and young adults.

Real Life has helped to educate thousands of young people and educators through churches, community groups, schools and parent outreach. The National Physicians Centerís resources and other informative materials are provided to reinforce these positive messages during lectures and question and answer sessions.

Program information includes:

  • Adolescent development
  • Preventing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Strengthening the church and communityís capacity to deal with HIV/AIDS-related issues by eliminating discrimination and reducing the stigma against those infected and their families
  • Preventing unwanted pregnancy
  • Improving parent-child communication
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention

Donations to Real Life International can be sent to The National Physicians Center

Parents Concern for Young People: Uganda

Parents Concern for Young Peopleís vision is to see an educated, healthy, peaceful, AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda.

Donations to Parents Concern for Young People can be sent to The National Physicians Center

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The National Physicians Centerís projects in China focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and education as well as the overall physical and mental well-being of adolescents and their families.

With the assistance of our strategic Chinese partners, the NPC has co-sponsored six international conferences to date, addressing thousands of physicians, teachers, adolescents, parents and other educators with information on healthy lifestyles.

Strategic Partners:

Beijing Childrenís Hospital

Beijing Childrenís is the largest childrenís hospital in China. This state-of-the-art facility includes an adolescent health division directed by Dr. Chunmei Yan.

Dr. Yan has been instrumental in coordinating trainings for physicians and educators throughout Beijing and the surrounding areas. Through her strong leadership, many adolescent and parents are now aware of the negative health impacts associated with high-risk behaviors.

The NPC continues to work with Beijing Childrenís Hospital to promote physician exchange programs and to strengthen our cooperative outreach to Chinaís adolescents and their families.

Red Cross Society of China

In 2005, the Red Cross Society of China and the NPC co-sponsored the Sunshine in Your Heart International Health Conference. This conference was attended by hundreds of professors, government officials, community leaders and medical professionals and addressed the emotional and physical issues facing Chinaís youth as well as how to support stronger family relationships.

The Red Cross continues to lead the way in addressing HIV-AIDS prevention and sexual and emotional health issues through its 10,000 offices continent-wide.

The Youth League: Beijing Committee

The Youth League is a major component of the All-China Youth Federation. Established in 1949, the All China Youth Federation (ACYF) is the most powerful federative body of Chinese youth organizations and young leaders in the country.

As a member of the Federation, the Youth League seeks to promote youth participation and development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of young people, and to serve the needs of Chinese youth.

Youth League activities include: education and training, employment, voluntary service and leadership training.

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Green Apple House

Green Apple House (GAH) is the largest and only government-approved adolescent health center in Beijing. GAH provides education and counseling on the emotional and sexual health of adolescents to thousands of young people each year.

Green Apple House also provides NPC materials through their center to parents, educators and adolescents and continues to partner with the NPC to reach high-risk populations such as migrant workers and their children throughout China.

China Sexology Association

The China Sexology Association provides information related to sexual health and the emotional well-being of adolescents to educators, parents and youth throughout China. Through lectures, seminars, educational resources and the media, the Sexology Association reaches millions of Chinese adolescents and their families with positive messages about how to avoid high-risk behaviors and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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Standing In the Gap

Medical Scholarship Fund and Outreach to High-Risk Populations

Through Standing in the Gap (SITG), the NPC provides medical scholarships and assistance to students who have committed to serve in Third World countries or other high-risk populations after completing medical school. Since 1999, contributions to this fund have come from medical groups, individuals and corporations.

In addition, through SITG the NPC has provided educational resources and other assistance to adolescent and family health programs in more than 40 countries around the world.

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