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Medical Risks of Cell Phones

Do cell phones cause cancer? This question is being asked because cell phones work by sending and receiving signals using radiofrequency waves, which is a non-ionizing form of radiation. The ionizing form of radiation (like xrays) does have a relationship with cancer, but it is uncertain as to whether radiofrequency waves can cause cancer.

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Toddlers & Preschoolers & Technology

Young children are becoming increasingly adept at the use of technology, including smart phones. A study in 2010 found 58% of children ages 2 – 5 years knew how to play a computer game and 19% could use a smart phone application. There was no difference between boys and girls in this survey.

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Before you post your child's photo

In one study, 92% of U.S. children under two years of age have an image posted on line. Most of these images are first posted when the child is about 6 months of age, but one third of newborns have on line images posted within weeks of their births, and 23% have pre-birth ultrasound images available on line.

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